10 predictions for the IoT in 2022

As we begin wrapping up the year, it’s time to predict what the IoT industry will look like in 2022.

10 Predictions for IoT in 2022
As we begin to close out the year, it’s time to predict what the IoT industry will look like in 2022.
“The US market has seen significant year-over-year growth in the number of connected households and is expected to continue in the coming years,” McKinsey analysts said in a recent report.

“However, we are still far from the vision of seamlessly connected homes.”

The emergence of Thread as a widely supported standard will ultimately bring about seamless connected experiences in the home.

Apple is often the king of new technology with its large user base. Apple has not always supported an open standard, but chose to do so with Thread. This support is likely to lead to meaningful adoption after 2022.

Vividh Siddha, president of Thread Group, believes that – to achieve mass adoption – customers need easy-to-use, interoperable and secure devices that inspire confidence.

Siddha expects the most popular smart home products in the coming year to focus on security, such as cameras and door locks. Smart thermostats, speakers and TVs followed.

Digital transformation

Remote/hybrid work is here to stay and companies are increasingly using it to ensure business continuity in uncertain times, improve employee satisfaction, provide a wider talent pool, reduce costs, etc.

Smart companies will maintain or reduce physical offices and invest more in creating smart spaces to reduce population. This can mean the ability to reserve workspaces/rooms, automate temperature control, increase security and reduce energy consumption in unoccupied spaces.

Many companies will create digital twins in their offices and dive into the metaversion of operations.

Selfridges is one of the early examples. The iconic department store recently launched a virtual city with designer Charli Cohen. Visitors can shop physical clothing alongside digital versions available on more than 300 other virtual platforms.