VR Game Development

VR Game Development

VR Projects

Our Virtual Reality (VR) games are targeted at simulation of a real life environment for education and training while creating a completely immersive experience for the game users.

PENTOZ VR products are designed with a vision to develop a picturesque imaginary environment for a game or interactive sight and sound experience.

Here is how our Virtual Reality Applications can help your business grow:

1. Gaming: The Gaming industry is all set to change with the introduction of Virtual reality. With an experience and expertise of creating high definition games for clients like Sesame Street, we can build the next generation VR games that will allow your brand to create a stronger hold in the gaming industry.

2. Real Estate Guide: Real Estate is booming everywhere and if you do not update your marketing strategy, you will lack behind. We can help you build tools that give a virtual tour of your properties to potential clients while sitting in the comforts of your office. This will help in cost reduction, brand positioning and more customer retention in the long run.

3. Virtual Shopping: Imagine if all your products as a retailer could be viewed by potential customers in an immersive experience. We can help you build applications that will give your clients an in-depth virtual tour, enabling them to browse through your product catalogues in a more efficient manner. VR can change your entire marketing strategy by making it more attractive.

4. Training: Be it medical training, military training or skill training for laborers, our expertise in Virtual reality applications can help you build tools that will ensure proper readiness of your workforce with minimal spendings. VR can assist in high quality training and skill development due to its immersive nature and with our expertise; you can be rest assured of superior training tools.

5. Tourism: Have you ever tried to convince a potential tourist about a destination through photographs and brochures? Imagine doing the same by sending the tourist to their desired destination while sitting in the comforts of your office. Let them choose from a plethora of options whilst they are immersed in a virtual world. We can help you build such applications that skyrocket your sales and revenue generation instantaneously.

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