Risk and Compliance Analytics

Risk management

Risk management as an area is truly vast and complex. Depending on the area and type of business, the risk experienced would greatly differ. While our view is that banking and financial services industry as a whole faces both financial crime and conduct risk as two major risks, there are other industry verticals wherein part of these risk elements are becoming profoundly important.

These areas of risk, as we are witnessing, require very similar thinking irrespective of the type of industry under discussion. We do not intend to underplay the importance of the idiosyncracies experienced by the specific industry players, but in the core of our thinking we see risks such as operational, reputational, conduct are somewhat industry-agnostic. Our endeavor has been to understand how established players in a certain industry deal with this and take these lessons to areas that can greatly benefit from these.


  • Alerting Strategy: Predictive Anomaly Detection Modeling, Scenario/ Model Management, List Matching, Threshold Tuning
  • System Integration: Investigation and Detection Case Management
  • alert Clearance Strategy: Alert Management, Backlog Avoidance, Triaging and Decision Quality


  • Risk and Control Assessment, Control Library and KPI/ KRI Creation
  • Ops Risk Dashboarding
  • Conduct Risk Foundation Development

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