Terrorists are using encrypted apps for communication

The highly preferred communication app among the terrorist outfits was Whatsapp. Now private chat room available on Google Play Store is the top pick for terrorists. They are using encrypted mobile apps for communication.

In the past few years, many Android-based applications have come up in the market. With the unique selling proposition of end-to-end encryption, they draw users towards them.

Terrorists are using encrypted apps for communication

Apps like ICQ, Wickr, and Jabber are the most popular private messengers available on the Google Play Store. Terror organizations use these apps now officially for plotting strikes. The terror outfits have been using these apps for internal communication that includes radicalization of youths and for spreading motivational speeches.

Terrorists are using encrypted apps for communication
Terrorists are using encrypted apps for communication

They identify youths who could be radicalized and turned into members of sleeper cells. They carry out discussions in an organized manner in a closed group.

The apps are very safe to use. As the chats and files are no longer
accessible and so the agencies fail to prove the charges against any radicalized youth. These apps come with high security and privacy features. Encrypted apps provide a protected communication platform for users.

Terrorists are using encrypted apps for communication
Terrorists are using encrypted apps for communication

With a new key using advanced vetted end-to-end encryption technique every message is encrypted. No need for a phone number or a mail address to register account. These apps never have access to your messages or your contact list.

The code, policies, and security practices have been verified by the most-respected security research teams in the industry. The messaging protocol enables strong end-to-end encryption.

Configurable expiration time

All these apps provide the facility of “configurable expiration time”.
This helps the user set the expiration time on all messaging content. Apart from that, the shredder facility to overwrite all deleted content on the device makes the situation more complicated for agencies. The private chat rooms provide the facility of communication in private groups limited to 10 users each.

TOR – an Internet browser

Apart from the private chat rooms, the terrorists use TOR – an Internet browser known for anonymity, VPN hotspot shields, counter honeypots, private email servers, and anonymous filesharing techniques for secrecy of their insurgent operations across the world.

These days, the terrorists are well-equipped with tech and sophisticated weapons. On comparing to many security agencies, terrorists have remarkable command over technology and online anonymity. It is up to us to save the world with peace.