A mashup-recordings maker application that transforms you into a storyteller

MashApp, a web-based life narrating stage is changing the guidelines of the game by supplanting curated content with unashamed credibility. It mixes the best of both online networking and mashups recordings to give you a stage of Punchlines-video responses that you can embed in companion stories.

Including USP of most informing applications in the blend, MashApp gives you a chance to send responses and remarks to recordings and take the discussion further in the chatbox. The point of Mashapp is basic Drop the twofold taps, let go of curated substances and collaborate with online video content that is as credible as the disconnected you.

How to utilize MashApp?

All your correspondence happens in gatherings that you’ve either made or have been added to.

  1. Choose a video on the Home Screen to make a Punchline.
  2. Pick a participant creator.
  3. left + is for punchline before the video and right + for after the video.
  4. Press and hold the video widget.
  5. Watch your Mashup preview
  6. Choose a cover and publish it in the group.