Advantages and Disadvantages of Java

Advantages of Java

Java was intended to be anything but difficult to utilize, compose, assemble, troubleshoot, and learn than other programming dialects. Java is a lot less difficult than C++ in light of the fact that Java utilizes programmed memory distribution and trash accumulation.


Object-arranged writing computer programs is related to ideas like class, object, legacy, exemplification, deliberation, polymorphism, and so on which enables you to make secluded projects and reusable code. You can proclaim classes, make questions inside classes, and cooperate between two items.


Java offers the solace of composting program once and keep running on any equipment and programming stage and any Java good program. This enables to move effectively starting with one PC framework then onto the next.


Java has extraordinary systems administration ability, it is intended to make circulated processing simple with the systems administration capacity that is innately coordinated into it.

Secure: Java is the main programming language to incorporate security a fundamental piece of the structure. Java’s compiler, mediator, and runtime condition were each created in light of security. Java Virtual Machine has an interesting identifier that distinguishes the bytecode and checks it before running it.


Java has the element of Stack distribution framework. It pursues LIFO (Last in First Out) which causes the information to be put away and recovered effectively.


Java is one of the programming dialects to help Multithreading. Multithreading is the ability for a program to play out a few assignments all the while inside a program.

Rich APIs

Java offers different APIs for application improvement. Java APIs (Application Programming Interface) is the arrangement of directions or techniques for correspondence among different exercises like Database association, organizing, I/O, XML parsing, utilities, and substantially more.

Powerful Opensource Rapid Development Tools

Over the year’s few open source improvement devices i.e., IDEs, for example, Eclipse and Netbeans, have been made with Java as a base which makes Java all the more dominant for application advancement. IDEs make application improvement more straightforward with ground-breaking coding and troubleshooting highlights.


Java is a standout amongst the most hearty programming dialects, that is Java is progressively dependable. Java compilers can distinguish any mistakes in the coding. There are additionally different highlights like exemption dealing with and trash accumulation which makes Java increasingly hearty.

Disadvantages of Java

SIgnificantly slower and more memory-expending than locally accumulated dialects, for example, C or C++.

Look and feel:

The default look and feel of GUI applications written in Java utilizing the Swing toolbox is altogether different from local applications.

Single-paradigm language:

The expansion of static imports in Java 5.0 the procedural worldview is preferable obliged over in before variants of Java.


This article covers the normal favorable circumstances and weaknesses to give you a review of the Java programming language. Understanding this will assist you with learning Java programming effectively. In our Java programming instructional exercise, we talk about additional on the most proficient method to use these focal points to make awesome front-end of back-end applications utilizing Java.